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How to stay entertained during Coronavirus quarantine

Posted by DIY Hampers on 5 Apr 2020


The Coronavirus has shocked the world, this invisible killer has everyone wondering when it will end. What can I do to protect myself? What will come after? It was first believed that the virus was only deadly to the elderly or those with underlining health issues, but recent reports show that people of all ages as young as 8, with no underlining health conditions are falling victim to the virus.

At the time of writing this article the death toll peaks 68,000 with over 1.2 million cases worldwide. For up to date stats, visit this website. The world has gone into lockdown with governments across the globe urging people to stay indoors, keep social gathering to a minimum and only leave the home for essential shopping.

How serious is Coronavirus (Covid-19/Wuhan flu)?

In short, very serious. Country’s across Europe, Asia and America have seen uncharted spikes in infections and health services are struggling to keep up with the pandemic. Pubs, bars, coffee shops, airlines and business’s off all kinds are forced to shut down leaving employers and employees in a state of despair not knowing what will come of their jobs or business.

“Stay at home”, is the message from most governments across the world. Social distancing rules have been put into place to stop the spread of Covid-19, which means plenty of time spent at home with loved ones, endlessly trying to stay entertained and let’s face it, that can be tricky.



Fun things to do during Coronavirus quarantine

Luckily for us, Amazon are still operating as normal and delivering parcels world-wide, so we thought it would be a good idea to come up with a list of fun entertaining board games and electronics to keep you occupied at home.

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