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Hampers are great gifts for pretty much any occasion, but a baby shower hamper or gift basket is the most amazing gift any expecting mother can receive. Baby shower hampers are very popular because they are really easy to make, and they look fantastic, stealing the show every time. There are so many possible items for a baby shower hamper, so it’s important to think outside the box and include gifts other people wouldn’t have thought of. Although, essential baby shower hamper gifts like bibs, baby grows, nappies etc. are also very important as these will be in high demand as the baby grows. It may seem silly including these kinds of essential items, but trust me, they will be appreciated.

Bubzi Co Baby Footprint Kit & Handprint Kit

Capture those memorable moments only a new-born baby can give. Imprint your baby’s memorable moments with an amazing keepsake. Bubzi Co baby footprint and handprint kit will make the perfect unisex baby shower gift.

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Baby Hooded Ultra Soft Wrap Blanket

We all remember having a special blankie as a baby so why not add this extremely soft fleece bunny faced blanket to your baby shower hamper? Made with 100% soft polyester.

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Early Learning Centre Blossom Farm Tummy Time Roller

Tummy time rollers are a great exercise for baby’s designed to encourage physical development and stimulate senses. Suitable for new-born babies and great to put some fun and colour into your baby shower gift basket.

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Groegg colour changing room thermometer

Groegg colour changing room thermometer gives room temperature readings and changes colour with the heat of the room. Ensure your baby can sleep well with this portable changing room thermometer.

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Pre-Packed Maternity Bag Essentials

MADE FOR MUMs AWARDS 2020 Birth Bag baby essentials for mother and baby comes with everything a new mother will need. A baby shower hamper in itself really!

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Tommee Tippee Twist and Click Advanced Nappy Disposal Bin

A bin that individually seals up to 30 nappies for unbeatable odour block. Also designed with antibacterial multi-layer film that kills 99% of germs.

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Lictin New-born Baby Grooming Kit

This baby care kit (15pcs) is made for new-born babies from high quality stainless steel and BPA-free plastic. Extremely safe for your baby and a perfect unisex baby shower gift set.

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Baby Swaddle New-born Sleeping Bag Cotton WRAP

Swaddle wraps are made from 100% cotton material and do not cause allergies. A beautiful gift for a new-born and looks great rolled up in a baby shower gift basket.

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Bloomsbury Mill 100% Cotton Baby Blankets - Twin Pack

Made from 100% cotton, this is the perfect, cosy lightweight layer blanket for a new-born. Whether they’re out in a pushchair or sleeping peacefully in their cot/moses basket, this blanket is a great way to keep baby comfortable and snug. Designed with a clever ‘cell’ construction, it traps the air to keep baby cool in summer and warm in winter.

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YOOFOSS Baby Bandana Dribble Bibs - 8 Pack

These 8 pack new-born baby bibs are made from soft, organic and absorbent material from 100% soft cotton. The back is polyester fleece for absorbency. Each baby bandana bib comes with 2 plastic snaps which prevent any risk of allergic reactions to a baby’s sensitive skin. They are stylish and trendy and a must have in your baby hamper!

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LAMAZE Captain Calamari Clip on Pram Toy

Captain Calamari is not only a soft, cuddly toy, it also acts as a sensory stimulation toy encouraging your baby to develop its vital first stages through sensory development. Your baby will never be bored with lots to see, hear and touch! Attachable to car seats, pushchairs, cots and any form of strollers.

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Baby Boys/Girls 1 Pair Knitted Booties with Bows

Pair of unisex booties for new-borns for the winter months to keep their little feet warm! Made from 100% Acrylic. If you’re looking for ideas for a baby shower hamper, this is a great one.

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Baby Socks Gift Set - 4 Pairs, 0-12 months

Looking for something different as a new-born gift? These 4 pair of socks are cute, unique and fun with different quotes on the soles. It also comes presented in a cute gift box.

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