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Wonderfully Weird Gifts on Amazon

Posted by DIY Hampers on 3 May 2020

We are always on the lookout for weird gifts on Amazon and sometimes we find some real jaw droppers. We’ve seen unusual gifts, funny gifts and downright bonkers gifts on Amazon, and people seem to love them! One-of-a-kind, wacky products seem to attract attention and be the topic of conversation. Whether it’s a stocking filler gift or a practical joke gift, people can’t get enough of them.

It’s full to the brim with strange and funny gifts on Amazon, so we’ve decided to share some with you. For the ones that have everything, these weird gift ideas might be just what you’re looking for.

Car French Fries Holder

We’ve all done it, held French fries between our legs whilst in a car and a sudden sharp brake leaves them all over the footwell. Well this clever little gadget on Amazon will stop this from ever happening again.

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Mobile Phone Jail Cell

This funny gift on amazon locks away your phone and up to five others in this padlocked jail cell, allowing you and your family to concentrate on other things. Great for movie nights and family time. The slotted base allows your phone to stand upright and the cell measures approx. 19 cm x 15 cm x 13 cm.

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Set of 4 Solar Bugs by Round Wood

Nope, we don’t see the point in these either, but this is what this article is all about, embracing the weird and funny things on Amazon. These crazy crickets will jitter freely around your garden or home, running purely off of solar energy.

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Meat Shredder Claws

These Meat Shredder Claws will impress friends at the next BBQ as you tear through pulled pork like a pro. No more bent forks and burnt fingers. This makes shredding meat super easy and they’re so easy to clean afterwards. It seems like a crazy gift idea at first, but they’re actually really practical.

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Handipug Finger Puppet (5-Pieces)

This completely bonkers finger puppet will turn your hand into an adorable wrinkly pug. Don’t blame us if your hand starts to take long naps, beg for snacks and snore while it sleeps.

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Horse Mask by CreepyParty

The horse mask became an internet sensation overnight and quickly became the go to costume for parties of all kinds. CreepyParty horse head mask is made from 100% natural latex and fits children and adults.

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Sushi Pillow or Cushion

Lover of Sushi? Then have your favourite maki roll as a pillow for when you can’t take your mind off of sushi! This Sushi cushion has an image on both sides with a zipper closure for easy cleaning. What a random gift on Amazon, eh!

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Human Body Fat Replica Model (1LB)

This crazy gift on Amazon will definitely remind you or someone else to keep up on daily exercises. Having this on your shelf might look gross, but it’s sure to give you all the motivation you’ll need to get down the gym!

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Nicolas Cage Sexy Sequin Cushion

Another outrageous item among the many on Amazon, A Nicolas Cage cushion. This sexy double-sided sequin cushion of your favourite actor will surely sit well on your sofa, right! Why not give it a stroke and see what happens?

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Umbrella Rain Hat

This multicoloured, fold-down umbrella hat is both practical and comical. The elastic band fits over the head for a secure, tight fit and measures approximately 21″ when opened.

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A Pet Rock

Looking for a low maintenance friend or companion? Ever considered adopting a pet rock? It’s recommended you walk this rock at least 30mins a day and keep it on a lead at all times.

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Dad Bod Fanny Pack

The Dad Bod Fanny Pack has to be up there with the most random items on Amazon! Fool passers-by with this realistic fake dad bod fanny pack and laugh at people’s perplexed expressions as they walk past.

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THE BUTT Supply Station

If you’re looking for a fun office gift on Amazon then THE BUTT Supply Station will hold your tape, notepad, pens and pencils without a fuss! Available in 3 different colours; Blue, Green and Pink, so there’s something to suit everyone.

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The Gift of Nothing

We all have that one person in our life that asks for nothing on specials occasions. Now you can give them what they ask for… nothing! This bag of nothing comes with a lifetime warranty, I wonder why!

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