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Top 6 most expensive things on Amazon

Posted by DIY Hampers on 14 Apr 2020

Amazon is known around the world for listing great deals and low-cost items for as little as a penny, but did you know Amazon also list luxurious and expensive items too? With online shopping now so easy and convenient, it’s no wonder luxury items are making their way onto Amazon, with unbelievable price tags.

Retail therapy is a little luxury that we are all entitled too, proven to lift one’s mood and often seen during a time of stress. Whether you’re buying for yourself or treating a loved one, it can leave you with an overwhelming feeling of excitement and happiness. Comfort buying with your hard-earned cash, shouldn’t be seen as a crime but a way to relieve stress after a hard week’s work. Nothing wrong with enjoying your free time by splashing the cash and indulging in luxury. If you can afford to do so, of course.

Luxury items such as Rachel Koen jewellery, Montblanc watches, FENDI handbags to expensive items like VIBOX gaming PC, Pentax 645d SLR Camera and ACOC underwater drone, are all in abundance on Amazon.

At this point, you might be wondering, well what is the most expensive thing on Amazon? Below we have listed the top ten most expensive items on Amazon that we could find. Starting from the least expensive…

10. FIFISH underwater drone P3

Drones are the future of photography, with new technology being developed at a rapid pace. FIFISH P3 is capable of diving 100 meters (330 feet) depth and functional in both fresh and sea water.

Equipped with an ultra-high definition 4K UHD 20-megapixel camera and a 1-inch CMOS sensor with a 4000-lumen lighting system, the FIFISH P3 is a real powerhouse in the drone industry.

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9. Jura Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Center

For most people around the world, coffee is a morning essential. Jura Giga 5 is silent, efficient and makes all kinds of fantastic coffee. It’s the most expensive coffee maker available on Amazon.

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7. Samsung QE75Q950RBT 190,5 cm (75") 8K Ultra HD Smart TV Wi-Fi Black

Televisions are luxurious, expensive and getting bigger every time a new one comes out. This Samsung TV is the most expensive we could find on Amazon.

If you’re looking for the best picture with the best applications, then you’ll have to fork out the cash. With Televisions, you pay for what you get.

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5. Pentax 645D SLR Camera 55mm Lens Black 40MP 3.0LCD

Pantax are up there with the big names such and Nikon and Canon.

Cameras are evolving every year with new and improved ways of capturing that perfect image. This hefty and pricey camera boasts a high resolution 40-megapixel sensor and produces pictures well worth its price tag.

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4. Humidors 400 Cigar Thermoelectric Cigar Cooler

We are all familiar with a wine cooler, but a cigar cooler? Keeping cigars from drying out is essential to any collector and believe it or not, these are a very exclusive luxury items.

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2. DOLOVE 18K Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

This is without a doubt the most expensive engagement ring on Amazon right now.

Made with 18K Gold and a main stone size of 1.0 carats, you’ll need a deep pocket to afford this one.

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